Ronald Jackson

Hercules and Old Doll, 2017


Nathan Loda

Young Washington, 2015

Noella Cotnam

Frolicking Gophers, Mama and Baby Owls, 2016


Kiki Carrillo

Georgie Distills, 2016


Aaron Pexa

The Lucent Parlor Sconces, 2016

The Farmers & Distillers Art Collection: Inspired by George Washington

Our Restaurant’s Art Collection

We strive to create interesting, oftentimes beautiful, sometimes slightly odd (in a purposefully provocative way) spaces. The best way we know how to do this is to once again step away from current, mass-produced culture and seek out the individual creative spirit as found in original pieces of art. Aligned with our principles to stay close to our sources (as we do with our food and drink), we often work directly with artists. We love getting to know the artist, as we do the farmer, and we take pride in showcasing their skill and talent. The artists are as important as the art itself, as with the farmer and the crop.

The Farmers & Distillers Art Collection: Inspired by George Washington

We collaborated with local and regional artists on original pieces of art that reflect the spirit of our first president, George Washington, and tell the story of how his life and the lives of those around him inspired us in the creation of Farmers & Distillers. While his passion for innovation and agriculture are well known, he was also an art lover, as evidenced by his collection at Mount Vernon, and even had remarkable drawing skills himself. His successful venture into the distillation of spirits, combined with his reputation for being a most notable and welcoming host in partnership with First Lady Martha Washington, are at the very foundation of this restaurant. Farmers & Distillers also pays homage to the hands, hearts, and souls of enslaved people that ran our first president’s kitchen. You will get to see the industriousness and diverse talents of our original founding father and other important figures from Mount Vernon displayed throughout the pieces of art at Farmers & Distillers.

Surprising, Beautiful & Thought-Provoking Restaurant Art

As you explore our restaurant we want to make you wonder and consider, admire and smile, and maybe even laugh. Our George Washington paintings and other art pieces are specifically chosen to be thought-provoking, prompting and allowing for your mind to expand, your aura to glow, and your palate to savor the wide and wonderful mix of flavors that we are offering. Nothing makes us happier as your hosts than to see you chatting and thinking and feeling, and making memories around our table. We like to think George would approve too.

Mike Vucurevich

Dan Simons