Farmers & Distillers is opening with some tasty news for our fish lovers.

Our seafood program will offer guests the best possible fish during each season. Currently, Executive Chef Ed Smith, who has a variety of deliciously inviting cooking-styles that make our seafood something you won’t want to miss, is excited to begin offering Dover Sole.

Unusual on American menus, Dover Sole has been a mainstay in European kitchens for years. Buttery and delicate to taste, with a firm yet soft and flakey texture, this fish can be cooked in a variety of ways. At Farmers & Distillers, we will be serving it Meuniére style – a classic French preparation that rings with simplicity. 

Not to be confused with Pacific Dover Sole, which is actually a flounder, this rare fish can only be caught in the North Atlantic from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. Farmers & Distillers will be flying it to the restaurant fresh and, due to it’s limited availability, it can only be ordered on Thursdays. With an approachable price point, this entrée is sure to satisfy.

We hope you will make Farmers & Distillers your new destination Thursday evenings and get a taste of our authentic Dover Sole.