General’s Parlor

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Our General’s Parlor dining room is an intimate, 16-seat private dining room tucked away on the lower level for a truly special experience.

This room is our creative interpretation of what an intimate dinner at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate would feel like. Guests are surrounded by exceptional artwork and furnishings designed to take you back in time. We’ve placed grand dining chairs around the live edge cherry wood table, which is a playful nod to the cherry tree that George Washington was fabled to have chopped down. The carpet is inspired by the English Wilton carpet installed in the front parlor of Mount Vernon in 1797. The room also includes a print of a Norman Rockwell painting, Forgotten Facts About Washington, that captures a very personal and otherwise unseen moment of humanity in our country’s first president and commanding general.

As modern electricity was not available in early America, the world after dark was full of flickering candlelight. To recreate this experience, we turned to artist Aaron Pexa who in 2015 created The Lucent Parlor installation that included hand-cast glass sconces, each individually made using age-old techniques. Our General’s Parlor includes five of Pexa’s sconces, where candlelight reflects and refracts off the pressed crystal creating a lively language of twinkling light and shadows throughout the room. To enhance this luminous effect, we added crystal chandeliers, inlaid mosaic tiles to the canopy above, decorative mirrors on the walls, and cut crystal decanters of spirits on display.

Pexa also designed the beautiful damask wallpaper which lines the entryway into the General’s Parlor. A modern interpretation of patterns that would have been present in Mount Vernon on the upholstery and table linens, the wallpaper is also a nod to Pexa’s installation and the play of light and shadows cast by the sconces.

We hope guests will enjoy the unique feel and intimacy of this specially designed, private dining room. We welcome you and your guests to our reinvention of dining in our first president’s home.

Available by reservation only, the General’s Parlor can be booked for breakfast, lunch, or dinner any day of the week. To learn more, such as menus, pricing, or to inquire about availability, please email:

Several of our sister restaurants also have private dining options that accommodate different numbers of guests in different settings and locations.