Unleash the Fury: Our Stanley Cup Champs are Playoffs Bound!

Our Washington Capitals just clinched the NHL Playoffs, and we can’t wait to watch our hometown Stanley Cup champs Unleash the Fury. As you plan which hockey games you’ll be attending, don’t forget about your pregame or postgame eats and drinks. 

Being just blocks away from Capital One Arena makes Farmers & Distillers the ultimate place for all of your pregame or postgame needs. We’re hosting a CAPS Hour at our Farmers & Distillers bar with specially priced select draft beers, Founding Spirits highball craft cocktails, and Bar Bites for home game playoff ticket holders. Find out more here.

We also have some of DC’s favorite scratch-made food and drink on our regular menus to make for a winning night of Caps fever with friends or a great date night to Rock the Red with someone special. Make your reservation today to make game night a breeze.

Red, Red Wine. What better way to Rock the Red than with a fruit-forward pinot noir or a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon from our extensive wine list? We’re proud to offer selections from vintners who align with our values and follow sustainable, organic, and biodynamic practices. If you’re with a larger group, check out the winning line-up featured on our Director’s List for bottles specially chosen by our very own Jon Arroyo.

Get Your Cold Beer, Here! If you are more of a beer person, especially on hockey game nights, our beer program has something for everyone. With multiple taps, choices from light to bold, lagers to ales, we make it easy to choose one of your favorites or try a new brew. 

Winning Cocktails on Ice. It only seems fitting to cheer on our hometown heroes with our award-winning Founding Spirits American Amaro. Distilled and bottled at our in-house distillery, our cocktail menu is chock-full of unique amaro craft cocktails like the Amaro Daiquiri or Negroni Swizzle. 

Snack on Some Starters. Our beef & pork Meatballs are must-haves. Ground in-house and made from scratch, our Meatballs are topped with our delicious, homemade red sauce. And on the assist, try our Parmesan Garlic Knots, served with a savory roasted tomato-basil chutney, with whipped ricotta. Or feast on a selection of our famous Farm Breads, FF Glazed Bacon Lollies, or Ahi Tuna Bites. 

Indulge in a House Favorite. It wouldn’t be a sporting event without a fresh n’ juicy burger. Try our All-American double patty burger or enjoy our Baby Macs, Shake & Fries. But, let’s remember… anything can happen in post-season hockey. Conquer the no-longer-impossible (since we already brought home the Stanley cup, after all) with our IMPOSSIBLE Burger, made entirely from plants for people who love meat. And don’t skip out on our house-made fries and chips, we promise they won’t disappoint. 

Save Room for Dessert. Donuts + Cherry Pie = Win. There are other choices too, but for game night, we’re thinking these are our favorite picks.

Come join us. Farmers & Distillers is an easy walk to Capital One Arena. We’re close by two metro stops (Gallery Place-Chinatown that serves the red, yellow & green lines + Mt Vernon Square, serving the green & yellow Lines). Or if you drive, parking is easy at Farmers & Distillers in our neighboring garage

We’ll be Rocking the Red all post-season long, and hope you will too. Cheers to good drinks, great food, and our Stanley Cup champs. Unleash the Fury that is DC hockey.

The Impossible Burger Comes to Town

Beginning today, we are bringing our guests the plant-based burger that has been making headlines and wowing avid meat lovers in select cities across the U.S. It’s like a pre-holiday present for foodies, meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

Farmers Restaurant Group is delighted to bring the Impossible Burger to our nation’s capital area and Pennsylvania. It is available now at all of our restaurants in and around DC, and will be on the menu at our Founding Farmers King of Prussia when it opens November 1st.

Impossible Burger is like no other vegetarian burger. It’s designed with meat eaters in mind, to taste, look, smell, and cook like meat. The secret ingredient is heme, a basic building block of life in all organisms, and what gives hamburger its meaty taste. But heme is also found in plants, and the team at Impossible Burger has figured out how to take heme from plants and produce it using fermentation. It is then mixed with just a few other ingredients, like potato protein for texture, as well as wheat protein and coconut oil.

According to Impossible Foods, the company behind the Impossible Burger, “Sustainability is their main ingredient.” Their CEO and Founder Pat Brown started the company “to make the global food system sustainable by replacing animal-based foods with delicious, nutritious, and affordable meat and dairy foods, made directly from plants.” Their cow-free burger uses a fraction of the earth’s natural resources, specifically; 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than cows.

At Farmers Restaurant Group, we remain completely committed to offering delicious premium cuts of meats from American ranchers and their family-owned farms. Our exploration with Impossible Burger connects with our passion to innovate, as it relates to the tastes and preferences of some of our guests. We also hope to influence Impossible Burger in their sourcing for the wheat and potato in their recipe, and have already discussed the importance of American family farms with Pat Brown and his team.

The Impossible Burger is an unusual offering for us, since it is not scratch-made in our restaurants, like almost all of our food. And it doesn’t come from a farm or ranch. The heme is grown in a lab. “In our company, we are always weighing what is best for our guests, our farmers, and the environment,” says Co-Owner Dan Simons. “For us, the earth-friendly potential of the Impossible Burger pulled us in.”

It doesn’t hurt that this burger is also amazingly delicious. Seriously. It’s impossibly great and has been the buzz with our staff for weeks.

Come on in to try it and be amazed. Of course, if possible, we recommend making a reservation.