Farmers & Distillers is excited to share these delicious, cold pressed, 100% natural and nutritious fruit & vegetable juice blends. They are offered as a meal alternative and a chance to recharge your body and mind. Pressed fresh for each individual cleanse order at Founding Farmers Tysons, the six different juice beverages have no added sugars and no preservatives.

To order a one (6 bottles), two (12 bottles) or three (18 bottles) day Farm Health Cleanse package, place your order online HERE to be picked up at Farmers & Distillers. Farm Health Juices are available for pick up Tuesday-Friday only.

Receive a $5 Farmers & Distillers gift card upon returning all of your bottles to Farmers & Distillers (one card per return).



If you want to try the juice before committing to a full cleanse, our individual Farm Health Juice Blends are available to order a la carte at Founding Farmers Tysons and Farmers & Distillers, while supplies last. Try one for breakfast or while dining with us for lunch, dinner or brunch.


Three days before and after your cleanse try to cut back on coffee & caffeine, sugars, meat, and dairy. Do your best to focus on healthy, fresh foods, that aren’t heavy in starch or fat.

We know you may want to gear up for your cleanse with our Juicy Lucy and a Cucumber Delight – but trust us! Take a rain check on the adult beverages, and eat a little lighter. Our Rainbow salad or our fresh fish of the day prepared simple style are excellent options. Drink plenty of water. Eight 8oz. glasses each day is a healthy goal. We suggest drinking the juices in the order they are shown above, every 2-3 hours. Your body absorbs nutrients in different ways throughout the day, and we’ve built our juice cleanse around that. The juice bottles are labeled this way – so no need to memorize!


Where does the produce come from?
Because we seek the highest quality produce for our juices, our partners and purveyors vary from month to month. That ensures that our produce is always fresh and is grown by farms and purveyors using earth-friendly farming.

Is the produce organic?
Not all of our produce is organic. We seek to use the highest quality produce from our farmers but it may not all be organic.

Are the juices:
Kosher? No.
Vegan/vegetarian? Our juices are vegetarian – not vegan due to honey.
Gluten Free? Yes.
Nut Free? The Shake & Date juice blend contains almonds.

Are substitution of juices or ingredients allowed?
At this time substitutions are not allowed, as the sequence of the juice blends is important for maximum health benefit, and the recipes and ingredients of the juice blends have been developed and perfected for the best tasting, most beneficial final product. SUBSTITUTION EXCEPTIONS: If you have a nut allergy, please let us know and we’ll substitute in the Spicy Lemonade as a replacement to the Shake & Date. If you would like a vegan juice blend, please let us know and we’ll substitute in a Like ‘Dem Apples as a replacement.