A Time to Serve Our Veterans

Every Veterans Day, like many of our national holidays, we serve our brunch, along with our lunch/dinner menu, across all of our restaurants – Founding Farmers, Farmers Fishers Bakers, and Farmers & Distillers.

What is different about Veterans Day, however, is that we offer a 50% discount for active duty and retired military personnel, which applies to our veterans plus one guest on Monday, November 11th. Bring your valid ID or wear your uniform and your brunch, lunch, or dinner is 50% off our regular price.

We offer our utmost appreciation and respect for our military and hope you will come on over to one of our restaurants and let us serve you. If possible, we recommend making a reservation.

Celebrate Thanksgiving at Farmers & Distillers

Wondering about your Thanksgiving Day plans? Join us at Farmers & Distillers for your holiday meal. We will be serving a special, prix fixe Thanksgiving menu for $39 per person, featuring all of your holiday favorites.

Join us from 11am – 8pm on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

Our sibling restaurants, Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers, are also hosting Thanksgiving, if more convenient.

Happy Thanksgiving!

LEED Certifying Our Restaurants

All of our restaurants across Farmers Restaurant Group – Founding FarmersFarmers Fishers Bakers, and Farmers & Distillers – are LEED certified, or we are in the process of pursuing LEED certification. This means that we have been counseled by the U.S. Green Building Council on the greenest and most earth-friendly ways to create and construct our restaurants.

LEED certification – which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a complicated, labor intensive, and costly process that begins prior to construction and is usually not complete for a full year after construction. While it is becoming more common in the hospitality industry, Founding Farmers was the first full service, upscale casual restaurant to pursue LEED certification, and Farmers Restaurant Group is currently the only company in its class to seek certifications for all of its restaurants.

Watch this video featuring Co-Owner Dan Simons to learn more about why we LEED certify all of our restaurants.

The LEED score cards for many of our restaurants can be reviewed online, revealing the detailed steps we have taken to earn each level of certification: LEED Gold for Founding Farmers DC, LEED Silver for Farmers Fishers Bakers (and Moco’s Founding Farmers) and Standard LEED certification for Founding Farmers Tysons. LEED Gold is currently pending for Farmers & Distillers, and we are in the process of pursuing certifications for Founding Farmers King of Prussia and Founding Farmers Reston Station.

Young Washington Visits Mount Vernon

For a few hours this past Saturday night, Mount Vernon’s iconic lawn overlooking the Potomac River was filled with fine duds and mysterious masks for a moonlit Mount Vernon Masquerade party.

One guest, however, remained unmasked although some would say he was still in costume. Our Young Washington, who has become colloquially known as George with a Man Bun, left his home at Farmers & Distillers to be on display at the event. Artist Nathan Loda, who we commissioned to create this contemporary take on George Washington, was also in attendance. He spoke with guests, sharing the story behind the portrait.

The Farmers & Distillers team escorted Young Washington to the event and served one of our oft-featured craft cocktails, the American Buck, made with whiskey, aperol, lemon, ginger, and cane syrup.

Sharing Farm Facts: Videos for the Social Media Savvy 

Farmers Restaurant Group has paired up with The George Washington University Food Institute and the National Farmers Union (NFU) to launch a 12-week series of Farm Facts videos to be featured primarily on social media. This productive partnership was formed to raise awareness about American farming, as well as the life and times of American farmers, for our guests and the public.

Farm Facts are short videos that provide interesting and important information about a variety of farming topics from ranchers and drones to climate change to using wheat to make spirits.

The first of our Farm Facts videos was released today focused on explaining the “Farmer’s Share” of every dollar Americans spend on food. To learn more and watch this week’s video, visit our InstagramFacebook, and Twitter profiles.

It will take you less than a minute to watch and understand more about how much money our country’s farmers actually make.

Stay tuned each week for the next three months for the rest of our Farm Facts seriesWe’re certain the more information we can share about farming, the more we can support our American family farmers and their continued work to provide all of us with delicious, high-quality food.

Please also learn more about our partners, and all of the work they do for American farms and farmers. They will also be posting our weekly Farm Facts videos.

The National Farmers Union has been working since 1902 to protect and enhance the quality of life for U.S. family farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. Follow them on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter and learn more about their work at: https://nfu.org

The GW Food Institute is home to faculty and student scholars engaged in research about all things related to food, from sustainable agriculture to the way diet and meals shape human society. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram,or Twitter and learn more about their work at: https://foodinstitute.gwu.edu