We are continuing to update our cocktail menu to feature spirits from our in-house distillery, Founding Spirits. We are certain our tasty and fun drink menu has something for everyone.

We are especially excited about the release of our newest spirit, Founding Spirits Rye on March 16, 2022. Supremely drinkable, rye whiskey lovers – as well as those who ask “Why Rye?” – are sure to enjoy a newfound favorite in our Founding Spirits Rye. Beginning March 16th, stop by any of our restaurants or bars for a taste, on its own or in one of the handcrafted cocktails on our cocktail menu

We’re also loving the diversity of our Founding Spirits Bourbon, which has cocktails bourbon lovers love and cocktails that surprise and delight even those new to the treat of a good bourbon. Our menu also features cocktails that prove bourbon can indeed be an awesome summertime drink. Surprise your senses with one of our new cocktails, such as the Maple Bourbon Smash with Founding Spirits Bourbon infused with birch, lemon, orange, maple, bitters; Sunstone Collins with Founding Spirits Bourbon infused with sunstone black tea, lemon; The Preakness with Founding Spirits Bourbon, Founding Spirits Vodka, Grand Marnier, lemon, orange, pineapple, bitters; and one of our team’s new favorite, the Bourbon Colada, with Founding Spirits Bourbon infused with coconut, pineapple, coconut cream.

Or get a taste of our new and improved Founding Spirits Vodka in our new cocktails including Farmer’s Daughter made with Domain de Canton, St. Germain, lime, passion fruit, raspberry, and bitters and our Chi Chi Colada with pineapple and coconut cream.

Enjoy a summertime classic with our Founding Spirits Dry Gin. Cool down with our Frozen Gin & Tonic made with our house-made tonic, our refreshing Summer Collins with lemon and basil, and our Easy Peasy with aperol, lemon, and cucumber, and more.

We also now have two of our favorite classic cocktails we are aging in-house in oak barrels: Old Fashioned and Chelsea’s Manhattan.

All of our great spirits and cocktails are available in all our restaurants and bars.

Stop by for a taste or make a reservation for a meal. You can also pick up bottled cocktails to go to enjoy them wherever you are. Let us know what you think and what cocktails you are enjoying. Share what your cheers-ing and tag us on social: @FoundingSpirits with #CheerstoFS.