One sip of the Suffering Candidate and our guests can easily learn what the highly anticipated Farmers & Distillers cocktail menu is all about. Featuring two of our Farm to Still® proprietary spirits, the Suffering Candidate elevates the beautiful, smoky flavors of our Founding Farmers Rye Whisky mingled with the refreshing, botanical notes of our Founding Farmers Gin. This third generation play on the Suffering Bastard (check out the Suffering Georgetowner at our sister restaurant, Farmers Fishers Bakers) highlights how our ingenious Beverage Director, Jon Arroyo, offers a nod to the rich history of cocktails while maintaining the true character of our spirits in a fun, relevant way.

What’s the next big thing if you ask Jon? “Large format, communal cocktails.” The Suffering Candidate is served communal-style (four guests or more), sparking curiosity and inspiring conversation. Sharing food and drink around a table is rapidly becoming one of Farmers Restaurant Group’s most revered traditions.

Jon and his team have created the whole menu in this imaginative, whimsical manner as an approachable introduction to our spirits. At Farmers & Distillers, you can find evolved iterations of classic cocktails and forward-thinking originals.

Our wine list features our propriety wine and for the first time in the history of our restaurant collection, we will be offering The Director’s List, a carefully curated bottle-only list, including a special home for Champagne. Our beer offerings will be a constantly evolving list of delicious drafts, local to the DMV area and a larger domestic only, beer bottle collection.

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