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Farmers & Distillers has commissioned artist Ronald Jackson to create two portraits for installation in the restaurant. Jackson is painting cooks from the Mount Vernon kitchen in the mid to late 1700’s. While they were enslaved people, this commission focuses on recognizing and celebrating them as they would have been today, as celebrity chefs and gifted culinarians.

A figurative painter, Jackson’s work is visually poetic, each piece engaging the viewer in an dialogue of what is being seen and what is reminiscent of the viewer’s own life experiences. Jackson says he is trying to “capture intimate settings to use as a gateway to ponder the complexities of the human experience, as well as the society that influences them.” According to Jackson, “a comprehensive catalog of unique experiences is veiled behind every silent gaze of the human expression.”

ronald-jackson-head-shotRaised in the rural Arkansas Delta, Jackson is the youngest of eleven siblings and was always drawn to the creative arts. Halfway through a 21-year military career, Jackson had an epiphany that turned his attention to painting. He has participated in several juried art shows and had three solo exhibitions. His current work can be seen at Galerie Myrtis online.